Spiced Orange Millionaires Shortbread

This is my twist on a Millionaires shortbread. During the festive season I was creating hampers and wanted to mThe reciake homemade items to go in each of them. I had never made this caramel chocolate treat before but have always love eating them and thought others would too. I tweaked the recipe to be [...]


Pigs in blankets with a twist

I made these from bits I had in the fridge and they worked so well I wanted to get the recipe diwn before I forgot as I will definitely be wanting to make them again. For this yummy bite size treat perfect for parties, small gatherings or just a snacking on the sofa you will [...]

Mini Christmas Wreaths

Oranges at the ready! This Christmas I have had to find some creative ways to make everything special, different and personal. Homemade Christmas is the way to go. Orange is the star of the show due to having a few pieces after home drying a couple to make decorations. Below I'll go through step by [...]