Long haul travel with a baby, piece of cake

We went on our first long haul holiday to America recently, we stayed for ten days and visited two states Texas and Louisiana. I had some reservations about this trip for many reasons we, an unmarried mixed race couple with our mixed race baby were going to the South, the bible belt, a place known [...]

A rocket up my booty! 

I feel as though I have a rocket up my butt! I think the disappointment of not having a New years celebration and the negative whirlwind that followed has refocused me and made me incredibly motivated to achieve and progress this year. Let's talk Instagram. I use to use it for events, money off clothes [...]

New Years Blues

I love New years more than any other 1holiday throughout the year, it's the possibilities and potential opportunities that await on the other side. So much can happen in a year. I enjoy setting goals for myself I do them for all aspects of my life ie. Relationships, Career, Skills, Leisure. This year I got [...]

What do I actually want?!

I'm not into the whole new year new me crap. You are still you just learn from the previous year and adjust accordingly. You aren't a new person when the clock strikes midnight just accept your flaws fix them if need be and move on! With a new year standing there close by staring me [...]

A very pleasant weekend

This weekend I was invited to two events one Christmas themed afternoon in my village by a very kind local Jean and the other by a friend from work who invited me to watch her sing. On the Saturday Bubba and I went to the local church for a Christmas party and was asked to [...]

Mini Christmas Wreaths

Oranges at the ready! This Christmas I have had to find some creative ways to make everything special, different and personal. Homemade Christmas is the way to go. Orange is the star of the show due to having a few pieces after home drying a couple to make decorations. Below I'll go through step by [...]

Resourcefulness is my super power

Since being on maternity leave I've been getting back into cooking, baking and making homemade bits and bobs. I've really enjoyed unearthing my creative side as I feel it has been buried for a while. Anyone on maternity leave knows the struggles of maternity pay. Something is better than nothing but I need to be [...]

I won’t be that kind of mum!

Famous last words of an over ambitious, optimistic, idealistic me while pregnant, I was certain of so many things and how things would be done. My baby will NOT be using a dummy My baby will NOT be watching TV My baby WILL have a routine from day one I WILL make all of the [...]