The Truth of Motherhood – Martha’s story

I wanted to be the Mother who had it all figured out, balancing work, kids and a partner..... However, me trying to be superwoman made me forget myself deeply, I was lost. I forgot my wellbeing to the point where my mind and body almost gave up on me... I ended up in hospital for [...]

The Truth of Motherhood – Lesley’s story

The world with Alfie My pregnancy was unexpected and truth be told, we weren’t ready to become parents. I remember being “on my period” with some cramps that felt a bit different (which I later found out was an implantation bleed) chain smoking and drinking gin cocktails at the Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield for my [...]

The truth of motherhood – Nicola’s story – The motherhood revelation

Same woman and 2 totally different experiences. Motherhood the 2nd time round is a revelation. Trying to have have my first daughter was quite a journey. An abnormal reproductive system which led to a Consultant believing that I was unlikely to successful carry a child (news delivered by letter and received the day before my [...]