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Welcome to Mumma and the bears

Hi, I’m Cleo the Mumma of Mumma and the bears. This past year (2018) has been one of change, focus, learning and figuring out what I really want. I started the year with the intention of getting back to myself, doing things that I truly like to do, spending time with people I love to be around and expanding my skills and mind. The blog has been going a year but not consistently which is something I am working on as my goals are big but my time is limited but I’m trying to make it happen a little by little, doing something each day that brings me closer to my dreams becoming reality. I’m trying to lead by example to those around me can see what I am doing and possibly be inspired to go for what they really want as I feel that too many of us simply put our dreams on hold and never attempt to achieve them and always have an excuse as to why that is “Oh I’ve just had a baby” “I’ll wait until the kids start school” “I’m too tired” “I don’t have enough money” “What if I fail?” “I don’t have the skills” “I don’t have the confidence”. I may succeed I may fail to be honest I will probably fail more than I succeed but that’s ok because that is when there is the most to gain from the experience I can reflect, adapt and push forward in a different way. I feel it is important to show the pitfalls and down times as well as the highlights, successes and good times it gives a more realistic view of everything rather than appearing to be an everything is rosey we are on top of everything all the time and look great doing so. Nope… not this Mumma! here and on my Instagram and Facebook you will see the real effects of what going for my dreams looks like. I will share the courses I am doing, events I go to, the work I put in to get to where I want to be.


I have a teenage daughter who is currently at college we are goofy together. I’m attempting to expose her to books, events that I feel will help to challenge her mind and really think about the world around her and the role she will play.

My son who is my Bubba but in reality growing up quick and not wanting to do everything I do. Each day he develops more and more and his little personality and nature are just hilarious and beautiful.


My partner is Tyler, he is a qualified Personal Trainer but currently works for Sky. He has the resemblance of Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Charlie Hunnman aa Jax and Travis Fimmel as Ragnor so you could say I have my very own Viking Norse God Biker guy!

Beau is our clingy (only to me) loving, patient, squirrel obsessed Staffy. She has the ability to sneak onto furniture so quietly that you don’t realise she is there. I’ve woken up a few times spooning her as she has somehow gotten under the covers, head on the pillow as if she is a person. She will stare down a meal or a potential meal ready to pounce on any food that you may drop. She acts as though she hasn’t received food EVER! She loves going for walks in the woods and farmers fields so she can chase the wildlife.

Back in August 2018, we moved from Suffolk which my daughter and I had been all our lives and moved to Hertfordshire with Tyler to be closer to his family. These first few months have been incredibly challenging and have really tested our relationship to the max! Things seem to be turning now and slowly falling into place. Tyler has become a Sky engineer and I have become a Pastry Commis chef at Maitre Choux which means that Tyler works during the day I work during the night. The house is always a mess although an organised one, we are both exhausted, we have one night a week as a couple and one night a week as a family the rest is a grind. It’s ok though as I see the end goal and know what it is we are working towards. Sacrifice now for a bigger pay off later on. The house will become more of a home with each payday as there is so much that we need for example a freezer as we only have a fridge which impacts shopping and the way we live, storage units for the living room as there is a corner just full of boxes of books, office equipment and craft items that are desperate for a home. We will get there and one day look back on these days and wonder how we got through it.

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