What would Beyoncé do?

A few weeks ago I took full advantage of not having the Bubba in the morning and sat down to watch Homecoming on Netflix a documentary all about Beyoncé and her Coachella performance. It was a poignant one as she is the first black female artist to headline Coachella this was also her first performance since having her twins.
I wasn’t sure what to expect and actively avoided what others were saying so I could form my own opinion without bias.
I admire what Beyoncé has built and the way she portrays herself and keeps her family life private to a point (as much as you can when you’re in the public eye), because of what she has achieved there are little black girls all over the globe looking at her and imagining their own possibilities and how real they could be.
The documentary was put together very well explaining the thought process behind the performance, the realities of being a mother and making sacrifices to make important career moves that impact not only her but the wider black community. Being the example you wish to see in the world could not be truer in her case, she works smart, dedicated, direct and focused! She could have so easily have turned down the opportunity to spend time with her children but she saw the bigger picture, the wider impact and made it happen.
It is crazy to think that in 2018 that Beyoncé is the first black female artist to headline the festival in the twenty years that it has been running. The performance that she created was a showcase celebration of black culture and most certainly one to be proud of. Stomping isn’t something that is prominent in the UK but it is a big part of American black culture in sororities and fraternities. I remember watching stomp the yard and loving the whole thing wishing we had something like that here while simultaneously drooling over Columbus Short and Brian White, more recently on Netflix there was Step sisters, and I’ve been know to lose myself down a YouTube rabbit hole of Stomping videos.
The opening scene of the documentary gave me goosebumps it was very impactful I love the way Beyoncé struts down the stage in her African inspired beautifully encrusted outfit and how her dancers in their eye catching outfits follow. Everything down to the individual steps were on point and seeing the amount of work, thought, planning and execution that went into everything was incredible. I loved how the dancers were different sizes, shades and had other talents too like playing instruments and singing.
When Beyoncé talked about her pregnancy with the twins, being away from them and how this was an important performance she pushed her self further than ever before to achieve but learnt she would never push herself that far again I really related to that! I always forget about the twins because the focus seems to be on Blue Ivy who also featured in the documentary watching her mumma copying the dance moves and performing songs. Motherhood is hard ad women are sold a lie of having it all a career, a family, a relationship etc with none of the downsides its not true there are always compromises and sacrifices which she shows really well. Yes she has staff and resources that most of us do not but she still makes stuff happen, makes things work and gets it done. Which now fits the phrase ‘What would Beyoncé do?’ this is my new mantra! if I’m feeling lazy, procrastinating etc I think of this documentary and say to myself what would Beyoncé do?
In summary this Netflix special is one to watch visually it is stunning, culturally it is important, for women its a powerful message of empowerment, for mothers its a great source of solidarity and from a performance level there is so much inspiration.

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