Quick peek at some Independent brands I love.

Part of my mission this year is to support and promote small brands. There are so many great little shops out there and I’m glad to have items from some of them. Recently I went a little click happy and snapped up this indie haul from some great brands, hit their names to be taken to their websites.

Betty ratbag

I’ve been following for a little bit now and thought bugger it I’m just gonna get myself a tee so went on her Instagram page clicked the link and bought a tee along with a few pieces of art to go on the wall. The service was quick and packaging was intact, tight and to the point. The tee itself is so soft and the acid wash effect is right up my street the hard part is choosing what design you want as they are all incredible.

Thea and me

I started following Rebecca (the me part of Thea and me) on Instagram because her jewellery looked like something that would fit into my life easily and help sooth my baby and it did exactly that. Breastfeeding became tricky as the Bubba kept scratching, nipping and twiddling my skin while feeding but since having the necklaces he does it a lot less because he plays with the jewellery. I love that it’s easy to clean, comes in many colours and the baby goes straight for it. These gorgeous silicone pieces have made such a difference to my life that I became a Brand Rep for Thea and me on Instagram. If you’d like to buy your own pieces you can use the code Cleo10 at the checkout for a 10%off your order (excluding bangles). To read more about Thea and me click here to read a previous blog on the brand.

Lucy and yak

My new favourite brand!

Another indie company I’ve been stalking for a while and finally took the time to have a proper look at their website and ended up buying three pairs of dungarees in as many weeks. They look great, are super comfortable and have three brilliantly sized large pockets big enough for my large phone to fit in and all the things I end up taking off my baby throughout the day. They’re also great for shortbread biscuits you know the ones from Aldi that are crazy yummy once opened they all need to be consumed, well they fit perfectly in these pockets. Another feature which is simple but makes life a little bit better are the tie up straps, you can tie them up as loosely or tightly as you like. The thing about them that made them become my mumma uniform is that they are funky looking so show off my personality perfectly and are great for breastfeeding when I’m out and about.

Lucy and yak like to give back each month by asking it’s customers to send in art work inspired by the brand, they then pick one winner each month who receives £100 voucher to spend at Lucy and yak. There’s also the Instagram monthly too for those who have purchased all they need to do is post a picture of to Instagram and tag them in it then they’ll choose their favourite who will receive £75 in Lucy and yak vouchers.

When you receive your order it comes in a biodegradable bag and a silky handmade bag, it’s the little touches that make it feel even more special.

The other mums

The lovely MJ a mumma to take inspiration from. She set up the other mums club in response to the exclusion culture that happens sometimes during parenthood. Being a new mum is hard but can feel unbearable if you don’t feel cool enough or like your not doing the right thing. You have gotta love a bit of women supporting women. I love her pins and got myself the set as it’s nice to remind ourselves as well as others to be kind always and to normalise body wobbles. There are other items on the website to check click the link above to see.

Milk making mama

These pins are all pro breastfeeding they are so cute and I’ve got a couple but am hoping to get some more as she released new designs not long ago. This is another seller I found on Instagram. When I was younger I always wanted a jacket full of cool pins now I’m an adult I’ve finally realised that dream.

Bamboo Bamboo

I remember seeing these plates when pregnant and wanting to get them. I’m so glad I’ve got one now I love that it has a suction part underneath so that it sticks to the table because my baby loves to throw everything across the room or on the floor. The whimsical characters are obviously for me because I love woodland animals especially Foxes and Deers.

Maebelle and bo

Another Instagram shop find and I’m glad I did because the quality is great and the prints are fab. I recently bought little man this little number and he wears it well. It doesn’t hinder his movements at all and he doesn’t try to remove it like he does other items of clothing.

If you know of any great indie brands you think I might like please don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact page or comment on this post or tag me on Instagram @mummaandthebears.

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