Mumma and Bubba’s adventure up North

I love Newcastle it is such a great. It had been a few years since I’d been up north so thought why not combine a visit up north with a visit to see the gorgeous and absolutely hilarious Sarah (@2mermaidz) and her beautiful daughters. Go check her out and all the great things she is doing to normalise breastfeeding, especially her project #Titsandtearz. Sarah had gotten me all excited with promises of some of the best cakey treats in the Northeast, she even sent images of milkshakes with slabs of delicious brownies on top adorned with chocolate, sauces, and sprinkles. I was sold, who wouldn’t be.

Sunday 25th March after a lovely catch up roast at a local pub with friends I take my arse to Aldi to buy ingredients so I can make a chocolate cake for my partner and millionaires shortbread for Sarah. Aldi or any shop to be fair is not a fun place to be on a Sunday its like people preparing for the end of the world or just out for a bimble, either way, it makes shopping slow and sometimes stressful. I was unable to start baking until about 23:30 as I needed to Bubba to be asleep and out of my arms he was when I started but then woke up so I ended up baking one-handed while my other arm received weight training in the form of baby lifting. I managed to bake both items and put them in the fridge ready for the next day. we went to bed about 3am but didn’t actually go to sleep until about 4.30am. id set my alarm for 6.30am so I could be up and out the house by 8am. this did not happen.

I must have slept through my alarm and woke at 7:45am managed to get myself and baby ready and out the house by 9.20am. I drove straight to Tesco to fill up my tank with diesel and grab a couple of drinks for the journey. The Bubba had fallen asleep and stayed asleep until we were an hour away where he stirred but soon went back to sleep.

The actual journey was alright a few hairy moments with lorries which I seem to get every time I do a motorway journey. I had one pull in front of me when there was no space for them to do so I had to emergency brake so I didn’t get pinned by it the only issue is the car behind me was right up my bumper so they had to do the same. When the lorry had overtaken another lorry it went back to the lefthand lane but didn’t leave enough distance between it and the lorry in front and nearly went into the back of it but not before swerving back into my lane causing me to steer around them near missing the central reservation and the car behind me going into the back of me it was a mess but I’m glad I wasn’t sneezing or looking to my right at the moment as it really could have been a nasty pile up. I have no idea what that driver was thinking do they not realise there are actual people in these cars with lives and families.

4.5 Hours later we had made it to Newcastle in one piece and the sun was shining it was glorious. Before heading into ‘toon’ on the Bus I changed and boobed the bubba at Sarah’s. it was nice walking around her neighbourhood looking at the houses and comparing them to ones in the East where I’m from. The Bus journey wasn’t too bad except the bubba would cry every time it stopped so I had to go into showtime Mumma mode and sing a medley of songs with actions to keep him from crying. Five little monkeys, dingle dangle scarecrow, the bubble guppies theme tune and more but the moment I stopped he whaled at the top of his little lungs.

Sarah led the way to this amazing cafe with the most delectable treats down hills towards the quayside with beautiful views of the bridge against the city landscape. I loved how everything seemed to be framed in some way. We passed a lot of places that I remember going to last time I was there. We eventually arrived at the cafe only to find that it was closed, the door was open but the closed for business sign was on the door. Sarah asked just to be sure and they confirmed the terrible news. All that way only to be teased with the sight of beautiful looking baked goods that filled the counter. Where to now? I was all hyped up for some serious cake binge action. Sarah had a quick think while we headed back up all the steep hills we had just walked down, she was making me earn my sweet treats today, my butt was burning by the time I’d pushed the buggy to the top. It was actually a nice little workout that highlighted my need to get my fitness back on point. We walked around some funky market but unfortunately, everything was closing there too. We ended up at a place called Crepeaffair and I’m so glad we did as I love pancakes and crepes and this place did savory and sweet crepes. I had the eggs benedict crepes and cinnamon crepes with a salted caramel milkshake they were all delicious I honestly could have eaten them again three times over. The eggs benedict was on point, it tasted so good that I’m still craving it now two days later. What a perfect way to spend an afternoon eating crepes while breastfeeding our babies and talking all things Motherhood and career. Just for the record, it is child-friendly with high chairs available for use, there are booths you can sit in or a few soft armchairs which are where we sat. I felt very comfortable breastfeeding there although some may feel it too exposed with the large windows looking out onto the street and the open plan layout.

We had to swiftly leave the crepe place due to a code brown situation!

Oh the hilarity, poor baby M had a Poonmai situation and seeped through her layers of clothing leaving the distinctive brown badge of honour for all to see and smell. The baby changing facilities were very close, they were bright, clean, and spacious. Sarah realised that she hadn’t brought a spare set of clothes with her so ended up washing little M’s clothes in the sink and blow drying them dry with the hand blower which happened to be a cold blower, not a warm air one which made the process slightly longer and funnier. I did have a laugh or two because its a situation most parents have been through.

Sarah showed me around the shopping centre we had a good old mooch about TKMAXX where I found a lot of great shoes just not in my size but I did get a really nice bright coloured throw. I also got some nice bits from Tiger but the best bit was Fenwicks, I don’t think I’ve ever been to one before but the inside looked a lot like the food section at Harrods. I spotted the cakes straight away not many were left but I still managed to bag myself a sweet little selection I was restrained as I originally was going to get one of everything. These cakes looked very similar to the cakes I ate in Lille, France. They were beautifully glazed and decorated and were flavoured with exotic fruit. They all tasted incredible although the large macaron I think would have been better if it was smaller, more delicate as it was heavier than what I’m used to due to its density but still very tasty.

After a lovely afternoon and evening in Newcastle, we caught the Bus back to Sarah’s, I had to take the Bubba out of the buggy and breastfeed him as he was getting very upset. He fell asleep on the boob so I transferred him back to his buggy, he was so tuckered out he didn’t even wake once transferred. Our stop came and I struggled to get off the bus because the buggy wheels got stuck between the bus and the pavement because the bus was too far from the curb. on top of that my boob was hanging out as id forgotten to put it away after I’d feed the bubba, hopefully, nobody noticed. We had a nice little walk back then spent the evening boobing babies and talking.

We spent the night in Sarah’s eldest daughters room which may I add is one of the funkiest, tidiest kids bedrooms I’ve seen. It was unicorn themed and the ensuite was mermaid-themed. what I loved most were the books that she had especially The women in science one. Sarah’s home is full of personality from the quirky artwork on the walls to the cassette tape mats in the kitchen to the skulls on the window sill. We have similar taste so I am slightly biased but I love the way her house looks and feels.

We enjoyed our stay with Sarah and the beautiful Marceline who is one of the most chilled babies I’ve met. My Bubba loved being around her kept wanting to kiss her, hold her hand and smack her in excitement. there was a point where my Bubba laid his head on baby M’s belly and she screamed out crying which made my Bubba jump and he started crying too probably wondering what had happened.

On our way home we visited the Angel of the North and took a few pictures, the Bubba was loving the wind blowing in his face. At this point, I was tempted to drive to Edinburgh as I put it in the satnav to see how far it was and it was 2.5 hours away and home was 5 hours away. I’ve never been to Scotland and really want to go and to be so close but yet so far nearly had me making an impulse decision to drive there with the baby and find accommodation when we got there. The reasons I didn’t were

  • My partner wouldn’t have been happy with me if I did.
  • I had only packed enough for an overnight stay at Sarah’s.
  • We had TinyTalk in the morning.
  • I would be spending extra money not allocated for a spontaneous adventure.

On the upside looks like a trip to Scotland will be happening soon, I just need to put some plans in motion so I can make the money to go on more adventures. I love traveling with the Bubba and I want to do it as much as possible so I will be now concentrating my energies on making that happen.

The Bubba and I made two stops on our way home one at Whetherby services which had a Greggs so i got myself a few baked goodies. The baby changing facilities here were great there was a chair in the room so I could feed the baby.

Our second stop was at Peterborough services I went to the toilet then checked then saw that the baby had a Poonami situation and leaked through his jeans, I didn’t have any spare clothes on me id left them in the car. The Bubba did not want to be changed, he screamed, cried, kicked and twisted around making poo fly everywhere. I had to clean him up and take him back to the car with just a nappy and a coat over as all his clothes were wrecked. This was clearly karma from me laughing at Sarah the day before.

I’m looking forward to my next visit up North and having Sarah come visit us down South when we’ve moved and can accommodate her and her gorgeous family.

Thank you Sarah for a great Mumma Bubba sleepover xXx

Check out Sarah and her wonderful GRL gang at the following

On Her Website

On Instagram @2mermaidz

On Facebook

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