Matalan haul

I’ve recently started going to Matalan as we had one come to Ipswich and I hadn’t really bothered with it. After seeing a few adverts showing their baby ranges recently I had to go check it out and I wasn’t disappointed.

Over the past month I’ve purchased a few bits for the home and some clothes for my son and myself.

The clothing quality on the adult clothes can be hit and miss but the children’s clothes I’ve never had any problems with and the sizes are great.

Here are the items from my Matalan hauls.

Dusky big oversized cushions

I needed cushions for the day bed but struggled to find big ones, these feel great, good quality and they have some bounce back in them. I bought two initially to test them out to see how they stand up then if it in happy with them I’ll get four more and 4 standard sized ones then that should cover the back of the day bed and the sides. Such a bargain at £10 each.

Photo frames

I’ve been looking for something very similar to these frames and as these are wood I can customise them. I’m thinking possibly gold leaf and black or dark blue. I love the empty space between then frame and the actual art. We’ve got a few pieces that will be perfect in these frames. I’m so excited to be able to have art and photos on the wall when we move as the house we are currently in the walls are so bad they literally crumble in your hand.

Small decorative cushions

The design of these caught my attention immediately, I had to have them.

Ceramic jars

I thought these would be great for the kitchen as each has a different design on it and is a different muted colour so we can tell the difference without having busy labels everywhere.

Glass jars

These are pretty and for £4 I got two not sure what I’m going to use them for yet, possibly pulses or beans. If I put sweet or biscuits in them they’ll always be empty. I really like the shape of these jars and I’m sure when the light hits them in the right way they’ll create interesting reflections and shadows on surfaces.

Large and carry on suit cases

These are brilliant, so light and so much room, they’re easy to manoeuvre and look great. I bought them for our trip to the USA and they really served me well looking forward to using them again later this year.

There are lots of home items I’d like to get but I think I will wait until we’ve move house as I’ve run out of places to store everything.

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