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Breastfeeding is such a natural thing but there is still a shame, a stigma, a demonisation of it happening. Our bodies produce this liquid gold that nourishes our babies and helps protect them, develop them and comfort them. Why are some women being made to feel uncomfortable and as if what they are doing isn’t natural? Why are some women being pressured to end their breastfeeding journeys due to other people’s skewed perspective? Why are people so bothered about how long a mother is breastfeeding her baby for? Whether she is covered or not? Why should our babies eat their meals on the toilet or covered with a sheet? Would you eat your meals this way? Next time you see a breastfeeding Mother and have a negative reaction take a moment to really analyse your thought process, why did you have the reaction you did? Where did it stem from?

Recently I was lucky enough to be part of a public breastfeeding campaign exhibition by Avenair art, Association of Breastfeeding Mothers and Ranstudio. On Instagram there was a post on Motherhood Reconstructed stories asking for breastfeeding mothers to be part of this campaign so I messaged my details over not actually expecting anything to come from it as I’m not usually lucky enough to get picked. A few days later I received an email asking when I was available and where in London I’d like to meet the photographer.

I suggested London Liverpool street as I thought the business of everyone going by in contrast to the stillness of breastfeeding might make a great image. We ended up meeting at Brick Lane which is a vibrant part of London, it definitely reflects my personality. I was asked to dress brightly but on the day I was doubting that I had met this request but after seeing the pictures I realised that I was plenty bright enough. The photographers Agetha and Robbie were brilliant, they made me feel so comfortable and their energy got me even more excited for the campaign.

The images of the campaign are now being displayed on digital billboards across London until 19 April 2018 with the hashtag #FEEDME across them. You can search the hashtag on social media and are encouraged to share the images and even post your own public breastfeeding pictures using the hashtag to help normalise breastfeeding. The campaign is a celebration of diversity, motherhood, breastfeeding and life. Images from the campaign can be purchased via the Avenair art website with proceeds being donated to the association of breastfeeding mothers. Please check out the links below…





Some Images from the campaign

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