Aldi haul March 2018

I don’t know about you but I love Aldi I can get a weeks worth of food for so much cheaper than other supermarkets and the fruit and veg seems to last longer. Another great perk to Aldi is their mystery middle aisles where each week there’s something new to discover. They’re baby weeks are brilliant that’s when I stock upon wipes, Nurofen, muslins and other things I use constantly. Currently the gardening gear is out with lots of bits to help you grow your own fruit and veg but there are lots of home bits too.

I went in the other night on my way home to get some dinner for that night thinking I was going to leave with some salmon, spinach and tomatoes instead I left with this haul.

Peg bag

It seemed like a great place to keep pegs.


These pegs seem sturdy not flimsy like the last set we had. Might go back and get some more actually as this won’t be enough. Plus purple is my favourite colour.

Varies cake carrying containers

I like to bake but never have any decent containers to transport them in. Now I can bake cakes, loafs and biscuits with no issues.

Trio measuring jugs

I cook a lot and like to have varying sizes of jugs depending on what I’m doing so these are perfect.


This stuff in our house seems to disappear or lose it’s lids so new Tupperware is always needed. This lid lock system is great we’ve never had any leaks.

Pillow protectors

These just give the pillow extra comfort and make them last a bit longer.

Pillow cases

These are to go with the duvet sets I bought as I like to have two pillows on the bed.

Two single duvet sets

I have a day bed with a trundle underneath and I usually dress them the same to unify them both. I really liked the leaf pattern on these plus for £6.99each it was a steal.

Children’s bookcase

I’ve been looking for a bookcase for the baby for ages everything I like always seems to be crazy expensive so when I saw this for £17 down from £25 I had to have it. I’m thinking I will customise it somehow maybe with the faces of inspiring, affluent, positive people so as my son grows he can find out about each one and maybe learn something that encourages or inspires him to do something he is passionate about.

Children’s book

We read bedtime stories most nights so whenever I see I book that looks it would be fun to read especially for 99p I get it as I want my baby to have an extensive and varied book collection.

Extra large dog crate

I have one but it’s definitely become a bit ragged as it’s so old so it’s time to replace it and this needs to house two dogs at once so an extra large cage for less than £40 I had to snap it up.

Two woven blankets

I love sitting on the sofa wrapped up in a blanket watching a film so these were a must. They felt so soft and looked great I could imagine them drapped over the sofa making the place warm and homely.

3D effect mascara

I’ve run out of mascara and thought for £2.50 I’d give it a go the brush looks good so it’s worth a punt.

Oh Aldi the place where wallets go to be cleared out and you justify it by saying well the savings I made on the food from not shopping else where can be used to buy goods for the house.

I’m happy with my haul as all will be used and some bits were definitely needed.

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