Hometown glory: Empire Cinema, Ipswich

A few of weeks ago my partner and I went to our newest local cinema Empire that opened up in the newly refurbished Buttermarket. We are a bit late in trying it out as we had Cineworld cards then I had a baby so going to the cinema took a back seat. I was very excited about this trip as we were going to see Black Panther. I love the Marvel films and we usually go to see them all at the cinema in Imax 3D because the quality is just incredible. This option wasn’t available at Empire so we just went for the 3D but what was available were the seating choices for a sofa, so of course I picked this wanting to try a different cinema experience. I can’t actually remember if it cost more to select them. The great thing about going to Empire is parking your car is free if you are going to the cinema they will validate your parking so no need to park all the way down Portman road to get free parking.


Empire is located on the top floor of Buttermarket there’s a few places you can go eat before or after the cinema depending on what time you go. There’s Creams if you love dessert especially ice cream. There’s Cosy club for drinks or a nice meal. There’s also Prezzos, Wagamama, Coast to Coast and Byron burger.


In the lobby of Empire there is a Hollywood style Ipswich sign backdrop for people to take pictures with. There’s also a Ben & Jerrys counter which for both of us to have a cup of ice cream costs over £15 when an actual tub costs £2.50, we definitely got mugged here! You know cinema food is going to cost more than the shop but it really shouldn’t be that much.




The actual cinema room was very clean. The two seater sofa was very comfortable and from then on I doubt we can go back to single seats. The arm room and leg room is great neither of us were fidgeting throughout the film like we usually do. The staff were helpful and polite, the decor wasn’t distracting I really like the curved wall of film posters which I regrettably didn’t take a picture of but it’s the wall that forms the corridor and guides you into the cinema. We would definitely go back again we’d just not bother with the ice-cream.

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