Hometown Glory: Celebrating Ipswich and the surrounding areas

If you’ve lived in Ipswich or just visited a lot you may have heard that it is a Shithole with nothing to do. It’s a phrase I hear often I have at some time or another said these very words myself so in light of this, I have decided to start a series celebrating Ipswich; the surrounding areas and the positive things about them. There has been a lot of regeneration happening over the years which I feel has benefited the town greatly. There is so much more to do and some great places to go out and enjoy some good food.

I am hoping that I will be able to find some hidden gems, something new I haven’t experienced before while exploring Ipswich along with some baby-friendly places too.

Back in 2015 the local newspaper revealed renovation plans for The Buttermarket shopping centre. There was an Illustration provided by Capital & Regional which showed restaurants including Wagamama, Joes Kitchen, Five Guys, Prezzo, and Coast to Coast in the new centre.

Unfortunately we never got that Five guys and was given a Byron burger instead which had great service but terrible burgers. There are a few other places in town who do much better one of which is Love thy burger. My gosh the burgers there are cooked to perfection and the fries are so tasty. I may have to pay a visit next week as I haven’t been this year yet.

The renovation of the Buttermarket now complete and is pretty true to the renderings. The town now benefits from another Cinema (We are still yet to try) coffee shop, Cosy club, Pure gym, Coast to Coast, Wagamamas, Bryon Burger, Prezzo, New look, Select, TK Maxx, Boots, Grapetree, Holland and Barrett and a Hair salon. Oh how could I forget there’s also a Krispy Kreme stand, I know how I forgot because I got so excited at the prospect of having a Krispy Kremes in Ipswich I was expecting a cafe where you can see the doughnuts being made like they have in Enfield and sit in and enjoy a milkshake with the doughnut but No. Can you tell I’m a bit bitter about it so much so I’ve blocked it from my mind. I still love a doughnut though.

Yesterday the Bubba and I ventured out as I needed to do a few bits in town he was hungry so we went to the new Gelato place in The Buttermarket called Creams Gelato Co so I could feed him a pouch of food and I could try a Bubble pop waffle and wanted to try these for ages so was very happy that I could get them in town.

It is located on the top floor of the shopping centre you can use the escalator or the lifts which is brilliant for people with additional needs, wheelchair users and those with pushchairs. Creams is very inviting but it’s hard not to be with a counter full of many delicious flavours of ice-cream right there next to the entrance. The decor is black and purple with an exposed brick wall so I was happy as I love a brick wall. There were a mixture of booths and tables and chairs with plenty of room for the pushchair to be next to the table and not disturb the people next to you. The music had me singing along the whole time we were there and the staff were friendly and helpful asking if I needed a high chair and kids menu for my little one and even getting me cutlery when I’d forgotten as they could see my hands were clearly full with the ravenous baby that was fussing for food.

When I ordered my food I didn’t take into account that I was eating on my own with nobody to hold the baby back for me. Help was offered but I like to try and get on with it so I get use to doing things with baby in arms. I ordered 3 scoops of ice-cream Toffee, Salted caramel and Maltesers in a bubble pop waffle with chocolatewhite Kinder Buenos bars and Butterscotch sauce. It tasted soooooo gooooood!

While there I used the restroom facilities and there are three one male one female and a disabled/baby changing toilet. They were very clean and well stocked with paper great lighting for topping up make up or for selfies. Decorated in a black high gloss tube station style tile and mirrors it makes a small space feel bigger and you can have fun trying to take infinite pictures in the mirror with the on going reflection.

This is a great place to treat yourself or come with friends and family or maybe a date night as the Cinema is right next door. Although I didn’t breastfeed while I was there I didn’t feel uncomfortable or as if I couldn’t I only didn’t because I didn’t consider my outfit before I went out and would have been sat there with my dress up behind my neck so I could feed where I’m comfortable feeding in public I’m not comfortable doing it in just my underwear when aunt flows in town. Go check it out see what you think Creams Gelato Co.

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