I’m ‘Just’ a Mother

Do you say this? I’m ‘JUST‘ a Mum; I’m ‘ONLY‘ a Mother, Why do you say this? We know being a Mother (Parent) is a wonderful experience it is indeed a job, a rewarding fulfilling one but I freaking hard one which at times which will have you questioning the very meaning of life. Being a Mother requires giving up your entire self for a while so that you can completely engross yourself in raising, nurturing and keeping this little human alive to the best of your abilities. You are their security, their food source, their sanitary control, their entertainment, their interpreter, their safe place and so much more. If this is what you do OWN IT!
By using the precursors ONLY and JUST before anything you do; not just your parenting status you instantly belittle and devalue it!

What prompted me to write this particular post?
I was seeing a lot of Mothers on Instagram replying to posts and adding “But I’m JUST a Mum” and being out and about talking to people and them saying “so you JUST a mother”. Why does putting all our energies into raising the next generation of human beings nullify our ability to be a valued member of society? without us there would be no society no future workforce no Human race so why are we treated this way and treat ourselves like second-class citizens? like we are somehow sub-human. We are doing incredible work which isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Think of it this way would you apply for this job?

Job Title: Parent

Contract Duration:
Permanent/A Lifetime
Pay: Kisses, Hugs, indescribable moments that fill you with such joy you may actually explode, pride, notoriety, and enlightenment
Hours: 24/7
Job description:

  • Grow new life inside your own body for 9 months (although there are other methods to acquire a child) have your body as you know change beyond all recognition.
  • Feed the new life with milk produced from your own body (other feeding options are available).
  • You will plan an implement a routine that can be adapted on the fly.
  • Personal care including but not limited to bathing, dressing and changing nappies.
  • Frequent Shopping trips for clothes, groceries and other baby/child paraphernalia.
  • Frequent interaction with medical staff, teaching officials, and group leaders.
  • Cook nutritional meals every day.
  • Wash clothes and iron where needed.
  • Educate on various topics such as moving limbs, bodily functions, where you are, where they are, etc.
  • Cleaning and general tidying up.
  • Data entry.
  • Singing and dancing at all hours of the day.

Preferable skills needed:

  • Learning on the job.
  • Great interpersonal skills; maintain healthy relationships and collaborate with others when necessary.
  • Behaviour management.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Extremely good negotiation skills.
  • Personal care.
  • Basic nutritional knowledge.
  • Basic cooking skills.
  • First aid trained.
  • Chaperone.
  • Chauffer.
  • Location scout.
  • Domestic capabilities.
  • You will need to be patient and tolerant.
  • You will have good organisational skills; ability to plan and execute tasks accordingly.
  • Be astute at budgeting keeping, financial tracking, and bargain hunting.
  • You will need to be able to carry out various tasks simultaneously at all times.
  • To work on an ad hoc basis.
  • An entertainer with an acute talent for the art of distraction.
  • An artist able to turn household products into cars, animals, rockets, houses, faces etc.
  • The aptitude to assemble equipment and furniture; perform fiddly tasks; hold conversations; give direction with minimal or no sleep.
  • The ability to pack a bag with essential items.
  • Be able to source out of stock or discontinued products.
  • Carry increasingly weighty items in various situations.
  • The strength to do everything one-handed.
  • The fortitude to repeat mundane tasks day in day out with a cheery disposition.

You get what I’m saying right? As a Mother (Parent) we acquire so many skills that are transferable to the job market. If you are a stay at home Mother (parent) don’t let anybody including yourself diminish your accomplishments, your life, your way of living life. You are raising the next generation that is a massive thing. Stand tall, stand proud and own it. 

You’re a Mother but I bet you have other skills, interests, knowledge, talents and/ambitions. Don’t allow other people’s narrow views restrict you from being comfortable in your own skin, life and choices. Have a word with yourself and ask why do I believe the things I do? What blocks are in place that I can remove? We need to love ourselves more, be comfortable in our choices and support each other. We need to believe that we can achieve great things and then figure out how to do those things and action them. Instead of judgement offer a smile or help. Remember we are all human we all have feelings and we don’t know the ins and outs of everyone’s lives so approach situations with empathy and compassion. 

Yes I am a Mother but I am also so much more!

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