What do I actually want?!

I’m not into the whole new year new me crap. You are still you just learn from the previous year and adjust accordingly. You aren’t a new person when the clock strikes midnight just accept your flaws fix them if need be and move on!

With a new year standing there close by staring me down trying to intimidate me with its prospects of new opportunities, new experiences and the possibility to have my cake and eat it too (I do love cake). I’m not intimidated in the slightest I’m very much excited and optimistic about what will be achieved next year, it’s time to stop wasting time and really get stuck into doing things that light my soul on fire in a good way. I really miss that feeling I get when I’m doing something really worthwhile like helping others or creating something for someone. I no longer have the capacity to put my creative ventures on the backburner. It really is time to step back into the world of interiors.

I know that things don’t happen over night and that I’ll have to put the work in, I actually enjoy working hard when the outcome is going to be so sweet. I am trying to be realistic in my goal setting as I know where I would like to be a year from now and would like to smash that goal. The fear of going back to work after my maternity leave ends is currently fuelling my focus as the thought of leaving my Bubba with strangers who may be great at their job but will not be giving him the care, attention and engagement he is getting now. Childcare isn’t cheap or reasonably priced, I would be going to work to pay someone else to take care of my child. If my son was a bit older possibly two years old onwards I may feel different about the whole thing but he is only 7 months old, still breastfeeding 8-9 times a day along with eating 3 meals a day sometimes 4-5 (as he eats mine too) and he doesnt nap and co-sleeps with me but is being weaned into his big boy bed. If other mums can do it so can I, follow their dream while changing nappies, wiping spit up from their shoulders and singing ‘dingle dangle scarecrow for the billionth time.  I am made of some stubborn, determined, creative stuff it’s time I put it to good use!

My desired outcomes for next year are

  • Launcg My own brand – Become freelance so I can be more in control of my work schedule and clients I work with
  • Financial freedom – To not be reliant on my partner to pay for everything
  • Independence- To be self sufficient again
  • Creativity – In work, rest and play
  • Love what I do! – whether it’s cooking, working out or working
  • Become more confident in networking

I initially set up this blog as an outlet for my ramblings and to be a mouthpiece for those suffering with fibroids as I do. I thought later down the line I may be able to use the website to generate an income from either selling a product or services.

I use to write down my goals in a book and work out a starting point to achieve those goals but the last few of years I haven’t done that so next year I will get back on it. Keep that positive mindset, focus on moving forward and making sh#t happen!

2 thoughts on “What do I actually want?!

  1. I’m a momma bear to 3 baby bears (3,6&17. They will always be my babies.) And I find it so hard, especially now, to find my feet again and move forward. I love your positivity.


    1. It can be extremely hard sometimes taking a step back and think about what we really want. How we can go about getting it. Writing it down sometimes helps and reviewing your progress and adapting your actions accordingly. This works for me. Life can get in the way but reminding myself why I’m doing something and why I’m working so hard keeps me motivated.


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