Contemplating Christmas 

This Christmas the tree hasn’t gone up as there is no room for it. It’s a shame as it’s Bubbas first Christmas but hopefully next year will be different. I usually put it up two weeks before the big day but I think I’ll start putting it up the tree on December 1st to make the most of the festive period. 

Usually Christmas day I have a table of food and that my daughter and I love. This lasts from Christmas eve all the way through to new years eve. I divide up the chocolates in advance so that it’s equal and put them in separate named containers. Now i must be upfront and say that I do not like minced pies they taste just awful so they have no place on my table of treats instead there are bakewell tarts, brownies, and milionaires shortbread. 

Christmas morning starts with breakfast it depends what we’re feeling but pancakes are always a winner stuffed with eggs, bacon and cheese. Then a couple of presents are opened enjoyed then bath time. Once everyone is washed we open the rest of the presents. Tidy up and watch a festive movie while dinner is cooking, we eat between 1-3pm depending on how stuffed we are from breakfast. I don’t usually buy a turkey for Christmas dinner a couple of years we’ve had Partridge in pear sauce it was so very tasty. Along with pigs in blanket, stuffing balls, honey roasted carrots, garlic and chilli wilted spinach, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, bacon fried sprouts and the most amazing gravy. Then the rest of the day is playing games, watching festive films, chilling out and waiting for Doctor Who to come on! This is the highlight of the evening with dinner being the highlight of the afternoon. 

This year will be very different as it’s the second in a row I haven’t cooked and have gone to someone else’s. Still surrounded by family which is good as both sides of the family get to spend time with their first grandson/great grandson. I’m really looking forward to the Christmas’s to come creating our own festive family traditions with the baby these things may become what he looks forward to in years to come. I definitely want charity and helping others to be a massive part of our traditions as it is important to appreciate where we are in life and help those less fortunate where possible. Especially as I know what it’s like to struggle and how the smallest of gestures can make the biggest impact. The Christmas eve box with the new festive PJs for all, fully loaded hot chocolate, biscuits and a game to play together or a crafty thing to create and a story to read by the tree. Oh and Doctor Who is an inherited tradition that will stay because I love it sooooooo much and I’m sure the Bubba will love it too.

Next year the Bubba will be 18months old so can get fully stuck into the spirit of things. There are so many hands on projects we can do and so many places we can go and watch his little face light up in wonder. I’ve already started planning what I would like to cook for Christmas dinner next year and what snack bits I’d like to cook too. Will be practicing throughout the year and crafting throughout the year too as all presents will be homemade as it’s more personal, individual and special.


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