A very pleasant weekend

This weekend I was invited to two events one Christmas themed afternoon in my village by a very kind local Jean and the other by a friend from work who invited me to watch her sing.

On the Saturday Bubba and I went to the local church for a Christmas party and was asked to bring a savoury or sweet treat so I made some posh pigs in blankets. I also made some Orange shortbread but felt it wasn’t good enough to share so left it at home.

Bubba was dressed in one of his Christmas jumpers I was not as I do not own any Christmas themed clothing.

We walked to the church as it was only around the corner. Everyone was welcoming. There were seats in a circle and a table with children’s chair around it in the middle. To get everyone in good spirits they started with a game of pass the crown which is similar to pass the parcel but a crown is used instead. The crown quickly broke which was amusing as a beater was used instead until it was fixed. There was a good turn out and it really made me realise how much I’m not involved in village life anymore as I only knew Jean I didn’t know anybody else there. I’ve only lived in the village 8 years. I guess I always drive into town or out of town I rarely spent time at home until recently. There was lots of singing then Santa made an appearance¬† (It was Jean). Everyone lined up to meet the jolly present giver, a lot of the children were scared to go near Santa. When it was our turn I handed Bubba over to sit on Santa’s lap for a picture and the first thing he did was grab the beard and pull with a massive smile on his face. It was hilarious as she was attempting to stay in character while shouting he’s got my beard.

Eventually we managed to release the beard from the Bubba’s vice like grip who then decided to fill him nappy but luckily they had a very nice changing room which was stocked with nappies, bags, wipes and other baby stuff. After a nappy change it was time for food there were the usual suspects of cupcakes, sausage rolls and crisps. This was another reason why I made what I did so that there was something different and green to eat. They went down a treat, I haven’t made them before it was my first time but definitely will be making them again. Bubba really enjoyed being made a fuss of and listening to the songs. We said thank and goodbye then left for home as he was hungry and the food available was unsuitable for a baby. It was a nice getting to know some of the locals even if I do have a brain like a sieve now and cannot remember any of their names. Since having my son it’s like my brain has purged my ability to do anything that isn’t looking after the baby.

On the Sunday I wasn’t sure what to kind of event it was so I expected maybe a carol service but it turned out to be a mini concert, a showcase of everyone from the singing group. I went with the baby and another friend from work who had given me the gift of gingerbread cookies (always appreciated). They were soft, perfectly spiced and so yummy.

Bubba had donned another Christmas jumper to make a nice festive effort for the concert.

I really enjoyed listening to everyone singing I kept thinking to myself I really must learn to play the piano and how great it would be to have singing lessons. When it was my friends turn to sing I wasn’t sure what style she’d be singing in but when she began we were all in complete awe she became Kathrine Jenkins. The baby couldn’t take his eyes off her just sat, watched and listened to the whole performance. It’s so strange watching her sing it was like a scene from a movie she suddenly became the most beautiful person in the world with a voice of an angel I felt so privileged to be there listening to her incredible voice.

This is actual footage of her singing and mine, the baby and Zena’s reaction.

I was so proud of the baby as he was so good he only grumbled once because he was hungry and he only grumbled because I was trying to delay his feed until after the concert. He had been signing “milk” but I praised him and said afterwards. I fed him during in the end as didn’t want to distract any of the performers. The bubba was so interested in the performances occasionally attempting to sing along which was super cute. Looks like we may have a musically inclined soul in him.

I need to do more of what makes me happy, more creative ventures. I have kind of in the cooking and crafts but would love to be more musical to be able to sing effortlessly would be amazing.

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