I won’t be that kind of mum!

Famous last words of an over ambitious, optimistic, idealistic me while pregnant, I was certain of so many things and how things would be done.

  • My baby will NOT be using a dummy
  • My baby will NOT be watching TV
  • My baby WILL have a routine from day one
  • I WILL make all of the baby’s food from scratch
  • I WILL exercise with my baby
  • I WILL get back into shape by the end of the year

The dummy came early on as my baby boy was born sucking his thumb and didn’t want to be parted from the boob once he  latched on that first time. I must admit I was very vocal about my disdain towards dummy I even threw out some of the ones that came free with bottles or other baby items. After seeing how strong his oral fixation was in the beginning I felt it best to introduce him to the baby plug of comfort. He was suck his fingers, hand, my fingers, hand or anything that was in reach so dummy seemed a logical step. Luckily he wasn’t too fussed about it after he realised there was no milk coming from the dummy he was not interested in it in the slightest just spat it out. That was my que to dump the lot the dummy love affair lasted about a month and came to a natural end.

He was so tiny then. Today he still has the same ability of losing socks

Television is evil Television well stunt the baby’s development. Haha my television is on most of the time now just as background noise or as a distraction so I can attempt to get something done. Mainly dinner times so I cook dinner but the whole my baby will NOT be watching TV is so laughable now especially as he already has a programme he reacts to strongly to the point of when we are out and about or he gets upset I sing the theme tune and he’ll stop crying then smiles and laughs. Although he does watch TV I realised it was my interactions with my son while watching TV was what he liked. He likes that Mumma makes up silly dances and sings along to the songs, sign what they are saying or act really surprised when certain things happen. He doesn’t like to be left to watch TV not even for a second he wants all the bells whistles, which is a good thing I guess.

During my pregnancy I was determined to get my body back and be active because the pregnancy had been a bit debilitating at times to the point of bed rest which was really difficult. Since having the baby I’ve had a few complications which meant I was yet again bed bound. The plans to be this super active Mumma using my baby as a dumbbell as I run round the park lunging and squatting with baby in tow just didn’t become reality. I have done no workouts at all except for walking the dogs with baby in the carrier. I’ve listened to my body and let it heal, I’ve sacked off this year and put working out to the back of my mind. I’ve booked my doctors appointment for a check up to give me the ok to start back on my fitness game but for now I’m just going to enjoy having one less thing to schedule into my day.

One of the things I have stuck to is the cooking from scratch with the help of a handy little gadget I can now make my own pouches meals for the baby. The Infantino squeeze station is just brilliant I can do a batch cook and blitz once a month as the pouches are freezable and last up to 2months I  the freezer. I take out two or three pouches the night before to defrost ready for the next day they last 2 days in the fridge so this works out well. I love making his meals because I know there’s no chemicals and everything in the pouch he likes.

The routine one is hard we do have a routine but it does seem to go astray every now and again. Night time is all about bath, boob and bed with a story inbetween. Bubba really likes a story in the evening now he nestles down and looks at all the pictures and listens to me doing different voices and reacts to certain parts. It’s a part of the day I really look forward to even if I’m tired and get tongue tied.
I guess it’s good to have some kind of guide on how you wish to parent but as long as you are open to adaptation all should be good. Parenthood is unpredictable and no matter how many people you talk to everyone account is different but similar all at once. I personally just went with the flow once baby was here making sure I was enjoying the moment with my new arrival doing what I felt was right not trying to conform to any stereotype or ensure I spring back into shape. I refuse to feel anything apart from love for my child and love for my body for defying the odds and doing such a great job of growing this beautiful human being who has completely consumed my life but in a good way. No doubt I’m probably be vocal about the way things will be done in the future but I’m sure reality will be waiting with it’s big boy ‘wake up’ boots ready to pick me up the arse and shift my perspective.

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