What a mare of a day

It’s been a little bit since I’ve written a blog due to me being ill and afflicted by allergies. I was unable to see clearly making it impossible to drive, do every day things and very hard to type up anything but I am feeling better now and my vision is back to normal.

Monday I had a mare of a day but it was still a good day. I had arranged to go and visit my friend who lives near lakeside (Handy when the sales are on) with my bundle of babbling joy. We agreed to go to her local community centre where there was a soft play baby group where parents  got a free cup of tea and cake was available to buy.

The day started early for me 4.30am I just woke up and could get back to sleep a little while later the baby woke up so we went downstairs so I could make a hot Ribena to drink in bed. I entertained the baby for a bit changed his bum and breastfed him, while I was feeding him my 7am alarm went off telling me to get ready to go to my friends, I turned off the alarm thinking once I’ve finished this feed I’ll run a bath for the both of us, get ready and leave by 8.30am. This did not happen instead I fell asleep and woke up at 8.15am so had to have a speedy shower, got dressed, wrap my hair, slapped on some make up as I was resembling something out of Michael Jackson’s thriller, washed the baby down, dress the baby, chuck spare clothes, food pouches, a bottle and nappies in the changing bag then grabbed some photo discs and went on our way.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the effort I made that day, red lips and eye make up.

It seemed like everyone, their mum and uncle Bob was out driving with no particular destination just generally bumbling around clogging up the roads. I know that isn’t really the case but that’s how it feels anyway when you are late or eager to get somewhere everyone just seems to drive badly, slowly or dangerously. It took me ages just to get to the A12 then once I did I got excited thinking I had a bit of a clear run and then traffic stopped it was due to an accident  there was a crumpled car, an ambulance and police it seemed like the accident had happened about 20 to 30 minutes prior because the car was on the side of the road people were rubber necking slowing the flow of traffic. Further up the A12 I seem to have become invisible to lorries as they attempt to come over into my lane while I’m still there. Does nobody check their blind spots anymore or even just look before manuvering?! Once off the A12 I was hit by a few roadworks which had speed restrictions but luckily I managed to get to the community centre 5minutes after it started. I was greeted by my friend who helped me with my changing bag so I could get Bubba out the car. I realised when I got there that I’d forgotten my change that was on the side so this meant No cake. Anyone who knows me knows how much of a devastating blow that is to me, I freaking love cake so much my sweet tooth is pure sugar. Once inside the centre there were tables and chairs around the outside of the room and soft play toys in the middle which left a walkway around it which was full of kids on bouncy animals space hopper type things, there was a lot of face planting the floor going on. There was also kids in those plastic Flintstone style cars. One child kept running into me which was highly annoying and a bit painful with nobody but me telling him to stop. I only wanted to get to the babies play area which was cordoned off and consisted of a ball pit and some soft toys. Bubba unleashed the drool fest as he tried his hardest to eat a ball he tried to hard to get two balls but his poor little hands lacked the dexterity. He seemed to enjoy himself leaving his drool over everything like a dog marking his territory. My friend introduced me to her mum group friends they were great and their children just adorable. One of them brought pumpkin pie with her left over from thanksgiving and it was so good. Had me craving sweet potato pie which is very similar.

After play group was over my friend walked home and I was to meet her there as I drove to the community centre. I was excited as I was getting to see her new house she’d just moved into the only problem is I’ve not been here before so when I got to her road I must have pulled into about six driveways  thinking it was hers luckily she came walking around the corner pushing her son laughing at me for going the wrong way her son found it hilarious. With her help I finally parked at the correct house it was great and has so much potential. It’s a good change from the previous house and that was clear from her son utilising the space by running around. My son was in a seat on the floor and my friends son who is 18months old came over to him and rested his head on Bubbas lap and was saying something sweet to him while Bubba stroked his hair it was a real life seeing a deer in the wild moment trying not to move too quick to startle them but trying frantically to get to a phone to take a picture of them together. My friends son is so gentle, clever and funny it’s just so precious seeing them both together. I love seeing my friends doing well as all that hard work over the years is paying off. I’m so proud of her and all she has achieved she is a real life inspiration.

I lost track of time while I was there as I’d planned on leaving by 3pm to beat rush hour traffic but I ended up leaving at 6ish and getting stuck in some of the most ridiculous traffic. Instead of taking an hour to get home it ended up taking 3hours. Bubba had started crying as soon as he was put in the car and didn’t stop no matter how many times I sang three little monkeys, dingle dangle scarecrow, three little speckled frogs and the Hello song from baby sensory repeatedly none of them worked my throat was so sore. I was so concerned about the Bubba that I missed turn offs several times I even ended up on my way to London so had to do a U-turn.  I had to make a stop at Stanway because I knew there was a Sainsburys there so I could get Bubba out the car as he had been screaming from the moment he was put in the car to the moment he was taken out at Sainsbury’s. When I took him out of his car seat he held on to me so tight and stopped crying instantly. We went for a walk around the shop to hopefully soothe him, I took advantage of the home section taking pictures of some of the items I liked while staying away from the clothing section even though there was 25% off I know I need clothes as I’m walking around in my stretched out faded maternity gear which I will wear to death but I know if I was to go have a look I’d like lots of stuff and want it all and right now that’s not possible. As I walked around the store Bubba was chatty and smiley then slumped over the bar of the trolley I checked to see if he was asleep or if something was wrong but he was fine just leaving a drool trail wherever we went as he was chewing the bar. I called his name and he looked up at me with the biggest smile on his face and a red jokeresc mark across his face. After a mince about the store and a lot of smiles we went back to the car checked his bum he was dry and he didn’t want a feed so put him back in his seat then he balled his eyes out again. I drove the rest of the way home to the sound of Bubbas cries.

Here are some of my Sainsburys finds

I was so glad to get home when I got the baby out of the car he was asleep but obviously woke up as soon as I unclipped him from his chair. When I got in I realised I hadn’t actually eaten anything apart from that pie so made myself cheese on toast on one slice I decided it would be a great idea to put a layer of mustard under the cheese. Well as I ate it my nose was running and it was making my face tingle I won’t be doing that again. When we went up to bed as I opened the bedroom door I was hit bus wall of heat. I had left the heating on I  the bedroom making a Sahara style atmosphere. It was nice but really annoying at the same time as it rinsed the electric.

Even though it was a mare of a day (even in writing this blog I’ve had to do it about 5 times because it kept deleting itself) I still had a good day because I got to spend it with a good friend and her beautiful boy.

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