Scales, leaves, rats and naps please

As the fresh morning breeze hits my face numbing it and cause a steady snot stream to be released from my nose, I walk through one of my favourite Ipswich parks pushing my cherub faced baby towards the visitors centre to get him weighed as it has been a while. The ground is wet from the rain that fell in the night and littered with the most beautiful vibrantly mustard, burnt orange, red and brown leaves, which danced delicately across the grass as the wind blew. There are only a few people in the park walking their dogs in the distance. It’s such a relaxing walk and so motivating to be out of the house instead of in bed ill, I just want to get stuff done and enjoy the surroundings. Remembering back to last week’s Tiny Talk class I think to myself what a perfect opportunity to practice the signs we learnt. I’m pushing the Bubba along in his buggy while signing ‘park’ and ‘Tree’ and ‘Bird’ and pointing to these things for reference but all I got was a look of pure distain, I can understand why I did look like I was having some kind of personal 90s dance off to the Macarena or Whitfield’s Saturday night. Dontcha wish your Mumma was cool like me Ha! We arrived at the visitors centre just as the health visitor was which was great timing. We played with some toys while the health visitor was setting up. I have got this weighing thing down now ensuring the Bubba is wearing easy clothes that don’t induce a faff session of stressful proportions. He is so good on the scales he lays so still like a plank until I take him off. He is so big now compared to those early days it’s so crazy how fast they develop.

Weighing day at Christchurch park

The Bubba is 25 Weeks old and weighing in at a whopping 20lb 2oz, that’s a high five for breast milk right there! I had a chat with the health visitor who praised me said I was doing really well because the Bubba was doing fantastically. When we left the centre there was a group of ladies dressed in workout gear stretching with buggys in tow, BuggyFit! I’ve seen these in progress at the park a few time it’s such a great idea, my Bubba likes being in his buggy and watching me make a tit of myself so these classes are probably perfect for me. Seeing all the beautiful Autumnal scenes at the park gave me an idea of a Love your area project. I waa enjoying the park so much that I thought why don’t I go around town looking at reasons to love and celebrate the area. I hear so often and have definitely exclaimed myself how boring this town is and what a dump it is and how there’s nothing to do but actually this isn’t the case at all. There is so much to see and do. After the weigh in we went for a walk around the park taking pictures on my phone playing with the pro settings. I attempted to introduce the Bubba to ducks and practice the sign for duck but again he looked at me like I had pooped in a bag and threw it at his face. There were a lot of rats at the park today I usually see one but saw a group of them running back and forth to the bin and pond.

We walked back to the car the long way so that I could take a few picture plus the Bubba fell asleep so I made the most of the quiet time.

Christchurch park is such a lovely park I do miss running around it with my dogs in the morning. In the summer I use to go to the covered walk ways to feed the squirrels as they use to sit in my hand or on my lap, there was one squirrel who had a light coloured patch on it’s foot claimed me as it’s human feeder after it hot use to me coming to feed it the squirrel would let any other squirrel stand on me or take food from my hand so I’d have to scatter the nuts for the others. The park has a great children’s playground, tennis courts, ping pong tables, a mansion, duck ponds, and lots of different events and activities throughout the year. Music day is usually a good one.

As we walked back to the car the light coming through the trees illuminated the ground and trees it looked incredible, I attempted to capture the image which came out alright. At the gate on the way out I noticed the bin and wondered why was it so big a family of four could live in that bin.

Here are some more pictures taken at the park today.




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