Priorities of Today

I’ve put everything aside today to concentrate on getting up to date on my coursework ready to start the advanced Nutrition course next week. I had planned on making thank you cake jars for some of the mum’s at baby sensory as they had been so lovely to me. I really enjoyed going to the pub after and talking all things baby, relationships and whatever else came up. There were a couple of times I really felt upset and stressed about certain things (usually my daughter) but once I was there it all didn’t matter for a few hours which was great. Hopefully I’ll have some time later this evening to make the cake jars.

A chocolate cake jar I made previously

I’m currently having a study break to play with and practice signs with the baby and write this blog. He has been great today mainly feeding so doing note taking while feeding wasn’t too bad. It makes such a difference doing coursework during the day I feel like I’m actually absorbing the information. Usually it’s 12am and I’m drained of all energy attempting to wrap my brain around different equations and bodily functions, it just wasn’t sticking. 

The hope is after I have completed this course I will do the nutrition side for my partners PT business. This is also why I’ve been experimenting with foods trying to find quick easy tasty nutritious meals that I can pass on to people. I will also be able to have my own clients too so could possibly work from home, well that part of the dream anyway. Being able to pick my working hours and tailor it around our lives. I know my partner would love us to work together to build a family business something that our son could be a part of if he wishes.

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