I need to somehow stop time

I have so much I need and want to get done and with all the will in the world a quarter of it will actually get done. I know babies are very time consuming especially one that doesn’t nap very often and cries if I put him down then smiles the biggest smile when I pick him up. My gosh I love the crap out of this baby. I’m hoping I haven’t been too ambitious in starting a diploma with a baby so young. I definitely felt that it was something I could do but recently have been so exhausted I can’t think straight or have any kind of rational conversation. I’ve been calling my dog by my son’s name and calling my son by my partners name. Describing stuff I want to say with charade type hand gestures. I’m a hot mess right now. At the same time I feel super focused on my goals and achieving them. Seeing the people I know achieving their goals and starting new ventures makes me want that for myself more. I don’t want to be stagnant I want to evolve and progress. 

It would be great if I could stop time though like that girl on TV who I really don’t remember the name of right now but she had blonde hair and would stop time by touching her index fingers index together. First thing I would do would be have a bath by myself with bath bombs and candles, after the bath I’d have a massive sleep when I woke from that sleep I’d eat pancakes and waffles then I’d get everything I needed to get done coursework wise done have a nap then I’d unfreeze time. I’m not asking for much just the ability to manipulate space and time.

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