Natural hair: Road to a mane of glory

Two years ago I shaved off all my hair because it was damaged from over processing with relaxers and hair dyes. I had also been sporting a mohawk with patterns shaved into the sides for a while and was trying to grow it out, the only problem with that was the middle of my hair was straight but the hair growing back on the sides was tight afro curls. It looked horrendous there was no styling it out. I did wear head scarves a bit to cover up the curly bits but that only worked so long so my only option really was to shave it off and start again, let it all grow back at the same rate. I used to relax my hair all the time using home relaxer kits because I never trusted a hairdresser to do my hair after a few bad experiences leaving me with a burnt scalp due to the chemicals not being washed out properly causing my scalp to scab and build up hard crusty areas. It was so itchy and raw I’d scratch or pick off these areas them they’d bleed it took months for my poor raw head to heal. Other bad experiences were frazzled ends and burning me with the flat iron and hairdryer. I wish I knew somebody reliable that was completely clued up on Afro hair so I could change up my style every now and again without the fear of a repeat of my prior bad experiences. I did love wearing my hair straight but sometimes it would be so dry and brittle at times just combing it would be a gamble to see if I had more hair in my brush than on my head.

I do miss having colourful hair and wish I could have it again but who can I honestly trust to do it for me. Wish I had the income to be able to buy wigs like the ones that come up on my feed on Instagram. They look so natural and versatile as they can be worn up or down and it’s hard to see it’s a wig due to the baby hair detailing. Looking at this images below of when I had pink hair makes me feel glad I did it but makes me want to change my hair now. 

Digging out pictures of me with my funky hair makes me realise how much I’ve changed over the years. There was a time when I tried to do my own hair extensions the ones at the front looked great the back however not, so much so I had to wear it up all the time so you couldn’t tell. I’ve had green hair, blue hair, pink hair, red hair, orange hair, blonde hair, jet black hair and purple hair I think purple was my favourite. 

Since I shaved my hair off this time round I’ve been trying to focus on healthy hair and growth. I started out deep conditioning my hair once a week, twisting and wrapping it at night then I stopped I’d just go to bed then in the morning wrap it so I didnt have to comb it. My hair was growing so well and was so healthy but the past month I must admit that I have neglected my hair big time I don’t think I combed it at all just wrapped it everyday. I washed it and combed it out yesterday and the amount of hair came out was eye watering. I use to be able to get it into a ponytail, not that I ever wore it that way and when I did it yesterday I could have cried all my hair work not putting chemicals on my hair wasted because I couldn’t be bothered to twist and wrap my hair at night or comb and condition it. 

Oh how I wish I had a large afro. I do get Afro envy but I have to remind myself there are so different types of hair and if I look after mine I too could have a massive afro mane of glory. The thing though with my hair is I have about 4 different textures combined on my head. The back is the worst as it’s so tight no amount of picking it out helps so from the side view my hair looks flat. The front and sides extend out quite far as the curls are looser there, real loose at the front slightly loose at the sides. I better pull my finger out and get my hair game in order. 

2 thoughts on “Natural hair: Road to a mane of glory

  1. What products do you use in your hair? My Afro is so DRY! Really don’t want to go back to wearing wigs and using hair relaxers again


    1. I use very little either coconut oil but this time of year can be a pain with it going solid. Fantasia iC oils currently using she’s butter as they were out of the coconut one and the aloe one I usually use. This leaves my hair so soft. Ive just tried this oil moisturiser called Creme of nature with argan oil which is nice for daily use. When my hair was freshly shaved it was just coconut oil all over it left my scalp feeling good and took the crisp out of my hair.


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