A tender spot

This is my area of pride, pain and discomfort. 5 months on from my son’s C-section delivery and it’s still tender and swollen. I should really go to the doctors to get it checked out to see if my fibroids that have been the absolute shackles of my life are growing, causing bleeding or calcified. They could be the source of my current pain or maybe this is normal for a C-section recovery either way I must get looked at just to know how things inside are responding after it all.

I am so proud that despite everything I managed to have a healthy baby boy with a cracking little personality.

I think I will write another post about the fibroids and the impact they have had on my life and why my son is such a miracle of a baby.

How did you heal after a C-Section? Do you have fibroids? How do they effect your life?

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