7 Baby products I have adored

There are so many products out there all claiming to be the best for your baby and that you can’t parent without them. The fact is you don’t really need a lot of the products out there some make life easier but others can make more work for you with all the different components that may need cleaning in different ways.

Here are a few products I used and absolutely loved.


Initially I really wanted to use reusable nappies but after speaking to people who were using them they didn’t seem to be right for me. I then came across Kit and Kin in my search for biodegradable nappies. Made from sustainable materials, Eco friendly, they biodegtade in 3-5 years, have different animal designs to pick from and are delivered to your house each month. You have an online account where you can change the subscription if your baby needs more nappies or a bigger size or if you wish to change the design. My bubba has an explosive butt and pees a lot so I was pleasantly surprised when we tried these out how absorbent they were and how great they were at containing the poonami situations that happened on a daily basis. You can go on their website and ask for a sample pack so you can get a feel for all their products including lotions, balms and shampoos. First off I chose the fox design which was super adorable then when he got bigger I switched to the tiger design. Click the name below to check out their website.

Kit and Kin 


For the most part I use Aldi’s Mamia range of wipes they are reasonably priced, don’t have a strong fragrance, they dont rip when you pull them out of the packet and Bubba does react to them.

When I can I use Water wipes because there are no chemicals used just water and fruit extract. They are so soothing on Bubba’s skin.

 Nipple pads 

There are two I absolutely loved they were both light, soft, fit in my bras well, didn’t irritate or bunch up in my bra and the amount of milk they held was impressive.

Click for Haakäà products

I started off using the Haakaa butterfly shaped nipple pads I got these at a Baby show at the Excel centre in London so got a great price for them. When I ran out I went on their website to get more but they were £10.99 a box and even though they were amazing I didn’t want to spent that much at the time as I was saving to get other baby bits and every penny became sacred. I had some free Lanisoh samples which eere great and when I asked other mums which ones they recommended they came put on top. I really wasn’t disappoint they were just as good as the Haakaa ones and were half the price. These can be purchased at the supermarket, boots or on Amazon online.

Breast pump 

I haven’t breast fed before so I had no idea what pump was best. The variations are vast. After speaking to a lot of mums and watching countless YouTube videos on different types of pumps. In the end I opted for the Haakaa silicone pump as it was meant to be a more natural, gentle way to pump. I love this pump it has a sucker on the bottom so it doesnt topple over, the spout it perfectly shaped to go over the nipple but also to pour the milk out, there is a flower stopper which works really well and the whole thing can be put in the fridge and it’s sterilizer friendly. I was able to express so much milk with this little pump filling it twice over on each feed. This was great as I could build up a freezer stash of milk for times if I was ill, away from the baby or just unable to feed.

Click here for Breast pump 


I didn’t want to spend lots of money on a sterilizer so chose the Tommee Tippee closer to nature one. I got mine from Amazon for £10 it’s simple to use, no sterilizing tablets or solution needed as it’s all done with steam in the microwave for 4 minutes that is it. Highly recommend it if you don’t want to be spending hours soaking then sterilizing.

Changing bag 

I really wanted the Skip Hop backpack changing bag but couldn’t justify £65 on a changing bag. After search shops and online I found a similar one from Insular for £30 and it was in my favourite colour, purple. There’s plenty of pockets, it’s insulated which is great for bottles or your lunch and it’s comfortable to wear and sits under the pushchair (Silvercross Wayfayer) really well.

The first image is the Skip Hop bag the second is the the insular bag I got from Amazon.


I Had my heart set on the Chicco side by side bed until we went to the baby show and saw the Tutti Bambini side by side bed which was cheaper, sturdier, artistically pleasing and had storage underneath it. I’m hoping to get at least 6 months out of this as it’s perfect for the middle of the night feeds. All I need to do is scoot baby over to me whack him on the boob, it’s brilliant and saves me having to physically get out of bed which means your sleep isn’t disturbed too much as you are in that sleepy mode still. It comes with a travel bag so it can be taken with you if you go away, there’s a tilt feature and the height is adjustable so it can be in line with your mattress.

This Cozee side by side is available at Mothercare that’s we preordered ours at their stand at the baby show. It’s exclusive to Mothercare and can be found via this link Cozee Side by side bed.

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