Nothing to say 

Today I met up with a couple of work friends for a catch up and a coo over the bubba. It’s always great to see the girls especially at the pub for a carvery. They both have such lovely interesting characters and always manage to make me chuckle. I realised today that if it isn’t about the baby, baby/parentung related topics, Netflix or cooking I have absolutely nothing to talk about. I have become a baby bore! It doesn’t help that I am sleep deprived, baby brained and in a slightly strange place mentally and emotionally. I realised this quite early on in our meet to the point where I tried to rattle my brain for things that I had done since I saw them last but my brain went blank. I could have mentioned my cousins wedding, the London Grammar gig I went to, the courses I’m currently studying, the first night out I’d had in a long time where I actually drank alcohol and all night had one boob three times the size of the other (Breast feeding joys) and spent the night slut dropping and getting low to prove to whoever was watching that I’ve still got it I can still get low (Why does that even matter?) or I could have explained the horrendous hangover I had the next day that left me unable to keep anything down including water (it was a dire situation). No no no my brain washed out all memories of anything that was baby related.

I need to retrain my brain as I ha’ve become a scatty mess easily distracted by shiny or sweet things. Talking of sweet things I did make some absolutely banging pumpkin pancakes with Lemon chicken breast in strawberry and lemon conserve, it was so tasty but next time I think I’ll make American style pancakes as I feel it would go better with the chicken and pumpkin. I’ve got more than half a pumpkin left so I’ll have plenty of chances to perfect the recipe. 

Anyway back to the pub chat or lack of it from me I think I’m more aware of the things I say and do now as I seem to be self reflecting a lot recently. I’ll try to be more interesting next time I see them although I’m excited to hear all about Zena’ s travels when she gets back. She started up a WhatsApp group for the 4 of us call 3 ladies and a little man which is funny and super cute. 

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