Thoughts by mobile screen light

As I lie in bed wide awake on my phone at 00:34 on Saturday morning, with the laptop propped up on a box of trainers in the side by side baby bed playing Grand designs on catch-up. My 16 year old daughter is staying out at her boyfriend’s house, my 4 month old baby boy sleeps in my bed next to me and my partner sleeps downstairs on the sofa to allow me to have a good night sleep as I am currently unwell and he snores like a whale and moves in his sleep like an army of fire ants are in his pants. I lie here unable to sleep in discomfort as I am yet to book that appointment for my troubled back, I think about the future and what it may hold for my newly expanded family. 

I decided to start a blog as it has been on my to do list for a while. I thought it would be a good outlet for creativity and to see if I am as boring as I feel I have become recently. I will talk about my life and the people in it (if they consent) things I enjoy which mainly consists at the moment of eating cake and taking pictures of my baby. Hopefully writing a blog will help me rediscover my passions but for now its just keeping me from a full nigh of sleep when I know full well that I’ve got an early start and a long journey to London on the morning. I can already envisaged the road rage now.

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